Who Had a Better 2017, Sony or Nintendo? – Episode 020

Sony & Nintendo recently released their 2017 fiscal year earnings reports – spoiler: they both did pretty damned well!  We dive into the results and ask what’s next?

Show Notes

  • Epic Set List:
    • Discussion of what games we’ve been playing recently & our spoiler-free thoughts
      • Okami HD
  • Pickups:
    • Scott buys ~900 OG Xbox games and a bunch of sealed Lynx games
    • Caleb buys Nintendo Labo and gives his thoughts
  • What’s News:
    • Fortnite Scholarships: coming to a university near you
    • Atari VCS (formerly Atari Box) pre-orders announced… why you shouldn’t care
    • Capcom & iam8bit partner for Mega Man NES/SNES repros
    • Game collector finds drugs inside NES carts
    • Loot Boxes deemed illegal gambling in Belgium
    • Valve acquires Firewatch developer Camp Santo
    • The Loss Levels – a game about shock, grief, and powerlessness
  • Main Event:
    • Nintendo and Sony’s Playstation division both post fiscal year profits of $1.6 billion.  We break down the numbers and explore what’s on the horizon for the two gaming behemoths.
Episode 003 - Do Post-Launch Video Game Pivots Work?

Do Post-Launch Video Game Pivots Work? – Episode 003

Several games have recently released or announced major updates that overhaul the original game.  Caleb J. Ross & VGCollectaholic ask – Can video games like No Man’s Sky and Yooka-Laylee truly ever get a second chance to erase a bad first impression?

Show Notes