And the BEST Games of 2017 Are… – Episode 009

We compare the Power Pak and Everdrive N8 Nintendo flash carts, discuss a slew of microtransaction-related news, and then dive into our thoughts on the 2017 Game Awards!

Show Notes

  • FREE GAME Contest Announcement
    • Win a free game, details here:

Xbox’s 16th Birthday & Black Friday Prepping – Episode 008

We wish the Microsoft Xbox a happy 16th birthday and prepare you for Black Friday 2018 with a discussion of video game deals and strategic tips for scoring your epic Black Friday loot.

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improvised ninja smoke bombs book

Nintendo Switch’s First Holiday Season – Episode 007

Caleb J. Ross & VGCollectaholic explore what’s in store for the Nintendo Switch in its inaugural holiday season as more physical games begin to arrive.

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Memorable Spooky Games – Episode 006

Happy Halloween everyone!  This week we get into the spookiness of the season by discussing horror games, sub-categories of horror games, and some of our favorite spooky game experiences.

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Replacement Longbox Cases & The Ship of Theseus – Episode 005

The SNES Classic launched this weekend – maybe you’ve heard about that.  Bethesda unveils their new Creation Club.  And out hosts ponder what the prospect of Limited Run Games’ producing replacement longbox cases for Sega Saturn, Sega CD, and Sony Playstation games means – is a replacement case different than a replacement cart label?

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology – Caleb and Scott recap their recent game pickups, Scott dives into collecting for Sega Master System and picks up some hilarious Japanese games… Caleb wonders if this is one of them:
  • Epic Set List – Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently, including Everything, Last Guardian, Destiny 2, and Ys VIII
  • What’s News:
    • Nintendo hides the original NES Golf inside the Switch – Flog
    • Fallout 4’s Creator Club goes live – is this good or bad for modders?
    • Limited Run Games exploring replacement Sega CD/Sega Saturn/Playstation 1 longbox jewel cases – Caleb & Scott dive into the “Ship of Theseus” problem and ask: what does this mean for collectors?
    • Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo mandate all physical games must have ESRB ratings
    • Nintendo implores people to not buy SNES Classics from scalpers
    • Atari Box details emerge and it looks like a project without a purpose


PewDiePie, Fair Use, & The Future of Streaming – Episode 004

Caleb & Scott discuss their key takeaways from the Nintendo Direct announcements, dive into their post-play-through thoughts on NieR: Automata, and delve into PewDiePie’s most recent faux pas and how it could lead to major legal ramifications for the future of game streaming.

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology – Caleb and Scott recap their recent game pickups.
  • Epic Set List – Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently
  • NieR: Automata In-Depth Discussion (Spoiler-Free)
  • Nintendo Direct
    • Major Announcements and Key Takeaways
  • PewDiePie: Copyright, Fair Use, & the Future of Game Streaming


Episode 003 - Do Post-Launch Video Game Pivots Work?

Do Post-Launch Video Game Pivots Work? – Episode 003

Several games have recently released or announced major updates that overhaul the original game.  Caleb J. Ross & VGCollectaholic ask – Can video games like No Man’s Sky and Yooka-Laylee truly ever get a second chance to erase a bad first impression?

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Episode 002 - Violent Video Games & The Brain

Violent Video Games & The Brain – Episode 002

In the wake of Limited Run Games’ release of the 25th Anniversary remaster of Night Trap, Caleb and Scott dive into the science behind violent video games and their effect, or lack thereof, on the brain.

Show Notes