Masters of Unlocking Episode 31

The Pinkertons vs. The First Amendment – Episode 031

The wild west’s Pinkertons are still alive and are setting their sights on Take-Two, Rockstar, and Red Dead Redemption 2.  But could the suit have implications for the entire concept of “Fair Use” and have wide-spread impact on YouTube and game streaming?

Epic Set List

  • Discussion of what video games we’ve been playing recently & give our spoiler-free thoughts:
    • God of War
    • Donut County
    • Ripto’s Rage
    • L.A. Noire
    • Florence
    • Among the Sleep

Video Game Pickups

  • Limited Run Games
  • Super Rare Games
  • Intellivision
  • Fang Controller Tower

What’s News

  • Business & Law: Bungie leaves another partner at the alter.  Parting ways with Activision Blizzard prompts a shareholder lawsuit.
  • Trademark vs. First Amendment: The real-life Pinkertons sue over Red Dead Redemption 2, but could the suit have implications for YouTubers & streamers?
  • Psychology: The ESA is in talks with WHO about “Gaming Disorder.”
  • Copyright: Another fan-developed remake of Konami’s infamous P.T.
  • Hacks: Nintendo’s online subscription to add SNES games?
  • Sales: Could the Playstation 4 break the Wii’s console sales record?

Main Event

  • We look ahead to 2019 and discuss our most anticipated games, The games we are most intrigued by, and then reveal our 2019 gaming goals.

Video Gaming’s Rich Legacy at CES – Episode 012

This week the global electronics industry descends on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  These days, the show is dominated by televisions, the Internet of Things, and 5G smart toasters, but it wasn’t always so… in this episode of Masters of Unlocking, we take a look back at the rich history of video gaming at CES.

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology:
    • Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups
    • VGCollectaholic adds a new complete game set to his collection
  • Epic Set List:
    • Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently & our spoiler-free thoughts
  • 2018 Gaming Goals
    • We discuss our gaming-related goals for 2018
  • What’s News:
    • Flog Gets Sacked
    • How Wolfenstein II’s Hero Draws on his Jewish Heritage for Strength
    • Platinum Games get Delisted from Online Marketplaces
    • Microsoft Officially Kills Kinect Adapter
    • World Health Organization (WHO) to Recognize “Gaming Disorder” as a Mental Health Condition in 2018
    • Mad Catz – Back from the Dead
  • Main Event:
    • We look back on the history of the Consumer Electronics Show and the many gaming introductions it brought us