Could Toys R Us Return From the Grave? – Episode 024

By now everyone knows that Toys R Us is officially dead… but could it be rising from the dead with zombie-like ferocity?  We discuss the juicy rumors of TRU’s potential return, the WHO’s creation of Gaming Disorder, a new Nielsen report on the gaming industry, and more!

Show Notes

  • Epic Set List:
    • Discussion of what games we’ve been playing recently & our spoiler-free thoughts
      • Pillars of Eternity
      • Horizon Zero Dawn
      • A Way Out
  • Pickups:
    • We discuss our recent gaming-related pickups and scores
  • What’s News:
    • Just as Toys ‘R Us was closing the last of its stores this week, news broke that a comeback could be in the works!
    • World Health Organization (WHO) officially classifies video game addiction as a disease – “Gaming Disorder”
    • Sony unveils Playstation 4’s first wave of Greatest Hits releases – now called “Playstation Hits”
    • Showtime officially greenlights Halo series
    • Nintendo’s new CEO officially steps into office and has some interesting remarks that hint at the future of Nintendo
    • The company behind Pokemon Go (Nantic) opens its AR platform to other developers
    • We FINALLY get an update from Tetsuya Nomura on the Final Fantasy VII remake
  • Main Event:
    • Nielsen released their annual Games 360 Report exploring trends and behavior in video gaming.  We recap and discuss the report.  Download the full report and read along with us here!