What Do Gamers Think About Gaming in 2018? – Episode 015

Caleb & Scott dive into a new report by social site Qutee about what video gamers think about gaming in 2018.  They examine the results of the report and ask whether it actually tells us anything scientific about gamers or the game industry.

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology:
    • Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups
  • Epic Set List:
    • Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently & our spoiler-free thoughts
  • What’s News:
    • Google rumored to be creating a new game console?
    • Hawaii introduces new Loot Crate legistlation
    • Did Nintendo download a ROM and sell it to us?  If so, is it legal?
    • Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ new “Discovery Tour” mode goes live
    • Using IFTTT to find free video game deals online
    • Valve pulls a developer from Steam for reviewing its own games
  • Main Event:
    • Social site Qutee releases a “study” on what video gamers think about gaming in 2018… we discuss the findings and our thoughts.

Couch Co-Op Holiday Family Fun- Episode 010

Take a timeout from your crazy family conversations this holiday season and gather ’round for some great family-friendly couch co-op games!  We list our recommendations for best local multiplayer games to play with gamers and non-gamers.

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology:
    • Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups, including a Neo Geo AES system, flash carts, improved Switch Pro Controller, and more.


(The awesome background image for this episode’s banner is by Haruningster on Deviantart.)


Xbox’s 16th Birthday & Black Friday Prepping – Episode 008

We wish the Microsoft Xbox a happy 16th birthday and prepare you for Black Friday 2018 with a discussion of video game deals and strategic tips for scoring your epic Black Friday loot.

Show Notes

improvised ninja smoke bombs book

Nintendo Switch’s First Holiday Season – Episode 007

Caleb J. Ross & VGCollectaholic explore what’s in store for the Nintendo Switch in its inaugural holiday season as more physical games begin to arrive.

Show Notes