Overwatch League & Twitch; YouTube Demonetization – Episode 013

No shortage of news this week as we discuss the Overwatch League debut, CES video game announcements, Nintendo unveiling cardboard Legos, and a business look at the YouTube demonetization drama.

Show Notes

  • Gaming Archaeology:
    • Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups
  • Epic Set List:
    • Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently & our spoiler-free thoughts
  • What’s News:
    • Twitch paid Blizzard $90M for the rights to the Overwatch League; is that an insane price?
    • You probably love video games… but can you LOOOOVE video games?
    • Switch console sales in Japan have gone to Ludicrous Speed
    • Nintendo Labo… perhaps you’ve heard of it?
    • Controllers Galore!  We discuss some awesome game controller announcements from CES
  • Main Event:
    • We discuss YouTube’s recent controversial decision to demonetize small channels – do the perspectives of a content creator and a video industry insider clash?

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